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Our Story

The El Mex journey began around 15 years ago during a family holiday in California. Whilst travelling down the coast to San Diego, we discovered an abundance of Mexican restaurants, sparking our love for the cuisine.

Upon returning home, our craving for Mexican food persisted, leading us to experiment in the kitchen. Frustrated by the lack of authentic Mexican flavours in local dining options, we embarked on a journey to explore the heart of Mexican cuisine.


Venturing through Mexico City, Pueblo, and Oaxaca, we immersed ourselves in the rich culture and diverse flavours of Mexican food. From sampling ant eggs to savouring street tacos, every bite was a revelation.


Inspired by our culinary adventures, we founded El Mex with a mission to share the authentic taste of Mexico with others. Our purpose-built central production kitchen ensures the freshest ingredients and most authentic flavours reach our customers. The place is spotless and is run by Damian (he’s been with us 8 years) who ensures you can eat off the floor if you prefer.  He is passionate about getting it right every time, he loves Mexican food and wants everyone to experience this foods delight.


We only use the quality, fresh ingredients we know, and we specifically source, no additives, naked foods if you like, if you want salt go visit KFC or McDs we say!


With our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, including high-specification rational cooking appliances, we can achieve precision in portioning and cooking. This commitment to quality allows us to deliver the finest product and experience to our customers.


At El Mex, we believe everyone deserves a taste of something truly spectacular. Join us on a journey of flavour and experience the best of Mexican cuisine.

Meet The Directors

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Always Freshly Made

Take a peak inside our purpose built central kitchen where every ingredient is hand crafted into the delicious food you love. 

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