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Burrito's on the BBQ? Surely not...

With summer starting to slowly on its way, we thought we would share

the perfect DIY dinner, El Mex style.

Picture this, after a day of fun in the sun you're getting rather peckish. But who on earth wants to be in a hot kitchen when that glorious sun is still shining? That's what we thought!

Burritos are the only answer for a personalised, fun and delicious dinner. With El Mex being on delivery platforms such as UberEats & Deliveroo, we take care of the hard work. Mix and match your toppings for all the family, with sides to suit everyone.

Now for the finishing touch, for an authentic summer BBQ feel, our homemade BBQ sauce is a must to add a smokey feel to your burrito. And if you're feeling brave, our chilli BBQ creates an extra kick!

Enjoy the taste of the summer with our smokey flavours!

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