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It's that time of year... we've been working hard on making Veganuary a delicious one.

Let’s talk Veganuary, it’s a trend that kicks the year off for all the right reasons. It enables the opportunity for people to focus on their health while doing their bit in protecting the environment. Especially after the holiday celebrations, it’s a great way to fuel your body with greens and goodness.

With 620,000 peopletaking part last year, it inspired a new dish within El Mex for our customers. Working with our talented chefs in the kitchen, we enjoyed taste testing (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it) while helping to perfect the flavours to be a winner this Veganuary. This is a great chance to give something new a try, even if you’re not committed to the entire month. The dish is designed to be full of goodness, meaning each bowl makes a positive impact on your health! It’s a win all round.

We strive towards our goal of becoming the place that you can trust for a healthy alternative when that fast food craving hits. So without leaving you guessing too much longer… The January special is the delicious ‘Chilli Bowl’!

With soft pillowy rice, rich vegetable chilli and toppings of pickles & coriander it’s a perfect blend of spices to get your taste buds tingling!

The Chilli bowl is full of fibre which promotes a healthy digestive system. Packed with our signature mex & black beans, they do a fantastic job with replacing the calcium normally found in dairy! For your vitamin C hit, peppers and onions are generously mixed through for a hearty feel. Our Guacamole compliments this bowl in true Mexican fashion, did you know it’s also a great supplier of Omega 3 to boost up your energy levels?

You heard it here first, Vegan meals do not need to suffer in flavour! So give Veganuary a chance this year, it may just be the kick start to the year you needed.

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