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Behind the scenes... Kitchen tour!

In our head kitchen, we prep all our dishes in-house for maximum freshness and quality control. We have an amazing team who look after each section of the process, ensuring your El Mex meal is only the best!

The kitchen is home to all of our recipes with the odd refinement here & there. We believe in hearty spices, high quality & fresh vegetables to give vibrancy to your meal and a taste of Mexico in every bite. Our home made Guacamole is created fresh each morning & our proteins being seasoned by hand to get the spices just perfect.

We pride ourselves on upholding high standards of hygiene for food preparation and our chefs in the kitchen enjoy working on bringing to life delicious concepts.

Would you be interested in a virtual tour of

our kitchen & how we bring our burrito recipes to life? Just send us an email or Insta DM! We would love to show you more behind the scenes.

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