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Changing the face of the fast food game...

We all know Mexican food is delicious, but did you know our food is full of healthy nutrients that make it part of your 5 a day? You heard that right! Read on to find out why...

With our fresh ingredients, Mexican cuisine is the best choice for a healthy and delicious meal. Whether eating on the go or sharing with friends, you can feel guilt free for treating yourself! How good does that sound?

Just to highlight this, I have been on a behind the scenes mission to our nearest El Mex store to find out more. As we thrive to be the best choice for organic ingredients, let’s delve deeper into what's so great about eating mexican!

After having a tour of our impressive kitchens, where fresh ingredients are prepared every day, I spoke with Store manager Tracey. Tracey explained the most nutrient packed elements that are used in all of our mouth watering meals.

So it turns out, the secret star of the show are the Mex beans! Who would have thought something so small could be so mighty? Their outstanding properties are full of high fibre and protein which plays a huge part in a balanced diet. Not only that, these beans have a rich source of antioxidants with their levels competing with the equivalent of a serving of apple! Our Mex beans transform all of our dishes into hearty dishes while adding an extra element of Mexico.

We realise that jalapeño’s are not up to everyone's taste, however you may be swayed after hearing about what they bring to the table. One jalapeño is filled to the brim with important nutrients such as vitamin C, A and B6. Be tempted with your toppings and give it a go with our naked burrito bowl!

Last but definitely not least, our incredible guacamole is a go to favourite. With our avocados coming directly from Mexico, you really can’t go wrong with a generous addition to your balanced meal. Full of healthy and beneficial fats, it’ll fuel your day due to its high fibre and potassium elements. It goes perfectly with our loaded nachos!

Now after all this delicious food talk, it's time to go and order my own Mexican lunch! Decisions decisions...

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