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The Food Yard... the only takeaway hub in Stevenage!

Have you ever had the issue of deciding what to order with a group of friends on a Saturday night? More often than not, you don't always fancy what someone else has in mind. This is where The Food Yard saves the day! Our idea behind creating this space was to highlight the importance of eating together, no matter the preference. We believe in eating together & creating a space all can enjoy.

At The Food Yard, you'll have an array of choices with delicious choices such as El Mex Burrito Bar & Bamboo Bay Asian Fusion. The combinations are limitless! When ordering for large groups in the office or friends, we'll delivery if there’s over 15 of you..Can't say no to that! Watch out for our March offers, you may just grab yourself 25% off your meal.

Based in Gunnels Wood Park, we are the perfect spot in Stevenage for grabbing a bite to eat, you pass us on your commute to the train station. A breakfast burrito is meant to be.

So come say hi, we're looking forward to meeting you!

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